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On the way back to the bad old times in 2023's Germany Payment Survey


Although payment behaviour remains in a relatively good shape even after this deterioration, companies are very pessimistic about their business outlook.
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7 Types of Country Risk Assessment


Country risk assessment, also known as country risk analysis, is the process of determining a nation's ability to transfer payments. It considers political, economic and social factors, and is used to help organizations make strategic decisions when conducting business in a country with excessive risk.

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Coface confirms its very good start to the year with first-half net income of €128.8m


Coface confirms its very good start to the year with first-half net income of €128.8m and annualised return on tangible equity at 14.3%

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Why You Need Business Information To Manage Exporting Risks


Transparency in the operations of trading partners is critical. However, far too often, businesses lack the insights required to make sound decisions. Learn More....

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Debt sustainability in Africa under the spotlight again


The successive shocks linked to the COVID pandemic and the war in Ukraine have had a clear negative impact on African economies. They have revealed, materialized and even exacerbated major structural weaknesses. Over-indebtedness and food insecurity, with their economic, political and social ramifications, are the chief hallmarks. Read our press release about it here.

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