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7 Credit Management Tips For Export Success


In business, risk and reward are two sides of the same coin, and that’s especially true when exporting. But while you can’t avoid all risks, you can minimize them and be prepared for them.

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Coface records a very good start to the year with a net income of €61.2m


Coface releases its Q1-2023 financial results: a very good start to the year with a net income of €61.2m.

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Companies in China report shorter payment delays in 2022 and expect higher economic growth in 2023


Coface’ survey shows that fewer firms encountered payment delays in 2022. 40% of respondents reported overdue, down from 53% in 2021. The average payment delay was shortened from 86 to 83 days in 2022. More information here and in our publication.

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What Is Political Risk And How Does It Impact Trade Credit?


Businesses expanding into global markets need to understand the political situations in their overseas trading partners' home nations. Sudden changes in politics can impact a company's ability to meet debt obligations. In this article, we'll explore the idea of political risk as part of a country risk assessment, what this looks like in practice and how your organization can protect against it.

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Reopening of China carries risks and opportunities - New podcast episode


Two experts from Coface reveal the risks and opportunities of China for businesses, in light of tumultuous current events.

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