About Coface

Our Human Resources Policy

coface invests to foster the loyalty of its staff, to maintain their high-level skills and to provide first-class services to its customers


  • Attract talented people
  • Train experts
  • Provide visibility to our staff
  • Recognize and reward performance



At Coface, all new management-level staff take a training programme during their first year. This is an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Group’s culture and to establish a network of internal contacts.
During this training course, the participants learn about the broad range of business lines at Coface, which along with our international presence opens up new opportunities for them.




Coface’s businesses require a level of technical expertise that the company alone is capable of delivering to its new staff. These staff consequently have access in the first months after joining the company to a specialised training programme conducted in each region by experienced internal managers, qualified consultants and local specialists. Focusing primarily on risk underwriting, enhanced information, claims and the collection of receivables, this programme gives staff an opportunity to improve their knowledge and to share their best professional practices with colleagues based in other countries. 



Each year and in each country, we assess the performance and skills of each member of staff. This is a key stage in giving them visibility on their career prospects.


In some cases it prepares each of them for more senior positions as specialist, functional or operational expert or manager. This exercise enables us to identify employees capable of assuming high-level positions and therefore receive personalised support locally while benefiting from centralised career management. 



Coface’s compensation policy aims to reward results and to encourage each member of staff to demonstrate their entrepreneurship. For its most committed staff members, the Group also pays variable remuneration which takes into account their own performances and their contribution to the company’s earnings.


Our commitments

Integrity is the foundation on which Coface’s reputation and the development of lasting relationships with our customers are based.


Our 'code of conduct' sets out the principles we should apply on a daily basis in order to respect our values: client focus, expertise, collaboration, courage & accountability. It sets out our commitments and serves as a reference for our employees.


Coface has adopted a zero tolerance policy on corruption in all its forms. Our commitments are gathered in our "anti-bribery code".