Single Frame: political and credit risk insurance for ongoing transactions

Single Frame offers tailored coverage for political and credit risks with a dedicated architecture.

Single Frame: insure the risks of even the most complex ongoing transactions

Single Frame insures you against political risks and non-payment in the context of performing and securing your ongoing transactions using a dedicated, simplified architecture for efficient management. It is a made-to-measure, binding policy for transactions that fall outside the standard credit insurance framework.

  • Medium / long term protection

    The guarantee period can be up to 5 years (private or public buyer).

  • Freedom

    You’re free to choose which commercial transactions you guarantee (no account receivables to entrust to us) You can cover several contracts.

  • Flexibility

    You maintain control over which buyers are analysed and the types of risk to cover (political, commercial or both).

  • Tailor-made

    Every request is analysed individually with made-to-measure pricing We follow a standardised, competitive fee schedule that depends on the country risk and buyer risk.

  • Binding guarantee

    The Single Frame guarantee undertaking is irrevocable for 3 months. The guarantee is irrevocable throughout the duration of your transaction.

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What risks are covered?

Policies with a public buyer

For a contract and financing with a public buyer, we provide insurance for the following risks:

 • Non-payment

 • Unilateral termination of contracts

 • Unfair calling of bonds

 • Inconvertibility and non-transfer

Contracts and financing with a private buyer

For a contract and financing with a private buyer, we provide insurance for the following risks:

 • Non-payment and insolvency

 • Inconvertibility and non-transfer

 • Interruption of contract

 • Unfair calling of bonds


Set up quickly - even before you sign your commercial contracts!

  • You stipulate all the parameters of the transaction to be covered when asking us about your guarantee requirements.
  • If approved, you will receive a binding guarantee within a few days valid for 3 months and the related pricing.
  • You can sign your contract with your client with a cool head… At the same time, you let us know about your agreement to the guarantee undertaking and we send you the Single Risk policy for signature.
  • Once your guarantee has been set up, it is binding for the duration of your transaction. You're covered whatever happens!
  • Afterwards you are free to ask us for new guarantees.
  • The Single Risk framework contract is for a period of 1 year and is automatically renewable.

How much does a Single Frame policy cost?

Single Frame offers a streamlined policy architecture for managing risks in ongoing transactions. 

It stipulates, in particular, the framework of the transactions to be covered, the risks you want cover for, and the type of set-up you want.

You use it as and when needed.

The premiums are determined every time the guarantee is used for a minimum amount of 4,300 SGD.


Political Risks

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