TopLiner: complementary trade credit insurance cover

TopLiner is a customised additional guarantee that is adjusted to your risks and needs

TopLiner offers a flexible, transparent and quick solution for covering customer risk

With TopLiner, embedded top-up credit insurance within your TradeLiner policy, Coface empowers your business expansion both locally and internationally, stepping in where conventional guarantees fall short.

  • Price tailored to your needs

    With TopLiner, Coface offers a price adjusted to the risk presented by the buyer, factoring in the real-time amount and length of cover you want to take out. The price is adjusted and issued online so you can evaluate the increased risk.

  • International coverage

    With TopLiner, you obtain non-cancellable top-up cover online for a term you decide on for your customers across the world.

  • Sign up simply and instantly

    Taking out a TopLiner policy is easy and 100% online - leaving you all the time you need to focus on your business.

  • Bespoke policy

    The TopLiner policy is a custom-built offer for a period of 30 to 90 days for between S$7,290 and S$7 million. The choice is yours.

Coface fine-tunes guarantees to suit your needs with TopLiner

TopLiner is a top-up credit insurance cover for our TradeLiner clients.

If the insured company has obtained a guarantee that is lower than requested or no guarantee at all, TopLiner gives you the option of purchasing additional cover for selected clients and for a period defined in advance.

The choice is yours with TopLiner

  • Choose the additional amount to be guaranteed (from S$7,290 to S$7,29,2000).
  • Set the guarantee period to the nearest day (between 30 and 90 days).
  • Modify the parameters in your Cofanet interface if necessary to adjust your guarantee request.

Coface puts its expertise at your disposal to give you an instant quote on the cost of your credit risk. You can then reconcile this with your net margin to check that your business transaction is still in credit.

Credit Insurance

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The results are clear-cut: since 2008, Diagast has not had any unpaid invoices on the events covered.


Our regular interactions with the teams at Coface help us analyse, evaluate and prevent our risks.


Customer default is a major risk. Coface credit insurance protects our turnover.

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