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    Construction & Energy transition: what are the growth drivers in a crisis sector?

    Rising interest rates and prices in commodities, global shortage of labour: is the construction sector affected by a crisis on all fronts? The sector is facing many difficulties that we expect to persist this year. However, there are plenty of opportunities for growth, in particular thanks to the growing needs associated with the energy transition.

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    Social & Political Risk: what to expect in 2024

    With national elections lined up in over 70 countries this year, half the world's population will be going to the polls. 2024 will be a pivotal year for global trade and (geo)political stability, with Coface's social and political risk index warning of a high-risk, shaky environment worldwide. Below we analyse the risks we’ll be tracking most closely this year. Find out more about the 3 risks to watch out for this year.

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