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Coface Debtor Risk Assessment

Company insolvency risk forecasts over the next twelve months

Choose Coface Debtor Risk Assessment (DRA) and get a comprehensive risk analysis expressed in a simple Score scale from 0 (company in default) to 10 (the best evaluation possible). You will benefit from the Risk analysis decisions systems of Coface as a global leader in credit insurance. The DRA measures the probability that a company will default over a 12 month period. It predicts the likelihood of the business having difficulty in surviving as a trading entity.
It uses different statistical methods and combines hard facts (such as financial data and ratings) and soft facts (e.g. company management). Coface clients can access the DRA via CofaNet Essentials. Daily alerts of changes in the DRA of your portfolio allow you to make the right decisions and better manage your credit risk.

What is a Score?

debt risk assessment

The Debtor Risk Assessment is the likelihood over a period of 12 months, that a company will be able to honor its financial commitments such as counterparty obligations. It is calculated on the basis of both, typical financial attributes such as financial soundness, profitability, Coface payment experience and claims, solvency ratios as well as qualitative data as the company's business environment and management. 



  • Credit Risk Assessment score of the company based on a unique scale (from 0 to 10).
  • History evolution of the scores during the last 5 years (if available).
  • Probability of Default in % per risk class.
Additional inputs include:
  • Financial Lines Adjustments - Taking into account the company's ultimate parent
  • Trend Behavior - Based on the history of a company's DRA
  • Advanced Coface Indicators - Adjusting for external shocks to the economy according to a company's sector, size, and geographic location


  • Global - Access to a worldwide risk assessment with Monitoring.
  • Easy to read - Get the DRA in a simple scale from 0 to 10.
  • Expertise - Benefit from Coface's unique Credit Insurance expertise.