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Professional Debt Collection Service

Failure to recover debts and late payments can significantly influence your cash flow and bottom line. 25% of bankruptcies are due to unpaid debts, and a single large debtor can severely limit your business dealings and even threaten the livelihood of your companyCoface International Debt Collection specializes in efficient, stress-free and fast debt recovery. We provide a single point of contact, regardless of the debtor country. Limiting your losses, minimizing disruption to your business and providing access to local legal teams. 
Coface Debt Collection
A US exporter of electrical equipment for the trade has to contend with non-payment by a Brazilian reseller. Unfamiliar with local rules and practices, the company’s legal advisors and chief financial officer are not sure which course to pursue. The company calls on Coface, which has had an office in Brazil since 1998. The Coface team contacts the reseller. Given the latter’s difficulties, they reach an amicable agreement and come up with a solution consisting of a ten-month repayment plan.
At the end of this period and backed by a study commissioned with Coface, the US exporter decides to continue the relationship with this reseller. Since then, the reseller has been a reliable partner.

Domestic & International Debt Collection Service