Our offer

Single Risk Structured Finance

Credit Insurance Cover For Single Customers

It offers you:

  • A bespoke solution geared to your needs: you choose which credit risks you need covered, amounts of cover, duration of cover, etc.;
  • Facilitated access to financing: for example, your bank can become a loss payee under the contracts, you then will find it easier to obtain financing.
  • Enhanced competitiveness: has a project run into financial difficulties? Coface will indemnify you, protecting your balance sheet, allowing you to embark on new business opportunities with confidence and ensuring your company is in a secure position for growth.

When handling international transactions in an ever-changing and often unpredictable environment, you may be exposed to risks that are associated with extremely challenging situations.


In this context, credit risk management becomes an essential part of your development strategy. The Single Risk Policy has been developed to help you deal with the issues associated with trading with an important customer in a straightforward and cost-effective way.  “Single Risk” is a solution to companies and financial institutions exposed to commercial and political risks abroad. 


Single Risk Insurance Credit Risk Protects You From The Following :

single risk credit insurance cover

Political risk 

  • An unforeseen POLITICAL EVENT that threatens the success of your operation: a conflict, civil war, revolution, etc.
  • An arbitrary POLITICAL DECISION that creates an obstacle: your assets cannot be transferred, an embargo is declared, your public client or supplier is in breach of its contractual obligations, etc.

Credit risk

  • Your private client, supplier or borrower fails to meet its commitments (payments, deliveries, repayments, etc.), or is declared insolvent.


The credit insurance provided by our Single Buyer Policy helps you avoid the risks associated with non-payment by one single customer; a customer who may represent a large share of your sales and revenue.
The policy ensures a more predictable cash flow in the event of the protracted default or failure of this key customer, therefore allowing you to grow your business with confidence.


Single Risk Benefits

(i) Protection against risks that are specific to business abroad;


(ii) Covers are tailor-made in terms of risk assessment, scope and cost;


(iii) Customized, scalable individual policies;


(iv) Multi-country, single- or multi-risk protection solutions.