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Customer Portal CofaNet Essentials

The free online tool for your credit management.

CofaNet Online Tool

Coface provides clients with CofaNet Essentials, a secure online management tool.


It enables each client to identify its debtors, see the total volume of risks outstanding, report losses and monitor the indemnification of unpaid invoices, all in just a few seconds.


CofaNet Essentials also offers Debtor Risk Assessments, export functions and detailed research.

Subject to your contract, the principal features available through Cofanet are:
  • Portfolio Management - You are able to view online all the products you have ordered, sort and filter your portfolio.
  • Messages - You are notified of all decisions taken offline, of any modifications to existing limits or credit opinions and of the delivery of business reports.
  • Portfolio Analysis - This feature gives you a consolidated view of the portfolio by DRA and risk category. It also provides a history of the average credit risk for each contract attached to your subscription.
  • Notification of Overdue Accounts - You are able to notify online any overdue accounts and request our intervention.
  • Data Export - From Cofanet you are able to download all or part of your portfolio. This can be done by defining your own data export models that can be saved and re‐used in Cofanet. You can also export this portfolio incrementally (update only).
  • User Fields Import - You can import your data (such as client reference, outstanding amount etc) from a file corresponding to the companies in your portfolio.
  • Bulk Actions - You can request products on a set of companies by importing a file in Cofanet (CSV or text format)
  • User Fields Management - This feature allows you to enter or update the internal data corresponding to the companies in your portfolio.
  • Contract Details - You can access your contract details


  • Search Coface's vast database of 200 million companies worldwide to identify your customers/debtors.
  • Request credit limits
  • Request, change or cancel coverage
  • View the portfolio of buyers covered under the policy
  • File claims and monitor the indemnification of unpaid invoices